Saturday, August 6, 2011

Just In | Nokia & Blackberry Sales - Going....Going....GONE....!!

Apple Inc. and Samsung Co. topped the list of global smartphone makers leaving behind Nokia Co. and Blackberry.

The stats showing sales for the top smartphone making companies saw the tables turning around for long-time top position holder Nokia. The total sales in Q2 saw a drastic increase in the units sold by companies like Samsung and Apple.

Samsung sold around 17.3 million smartphones in Q2 as compared to 10.8 millions in Q1 going from 4th to 2nd in the list of top smartphone sellers.

Apple, however, took the 1st position from Nokia as it sold 20.3 million phones in Q2 as compared to 18.7 million in Q1. With this fantastic growth it won't take longer for Apple to break Nokia's record sales of 28.1 million in a quarter.

As they say, someone's gain is someone's loss. The sales of Nokia phones went down considerably from 24.2 million in Q1 to 16.7 million in Q2.

Both Nokia and Blackberry are trying to find answers to this turn-around and trying to come up with something that would help them retain their earlier positions in the market.

The main cause of concern is the time to time launches from Samsung and the release of IPhone 4 from Apple that has attracted a whole lot of people towards itself.

So, Nokia and Blackberry better buck up to compete with these 2 giants otherwise the possibility of future sales of their smartphones increasing is minimal!

Interested in knowing more about the market statistics ? Share with us . We'll surely get back to ya' soon..!!

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