Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just In | Nokia unveils its future US & UK Market strategies

Nokia took 2 bold decisions stating that it would no more release its phone which run on the Symbian OS in US and the all-new Nokia N9 would not be released in US & UK. According to our sources, Nokia would now only be releasing its phones which would feature a new operating system - Windows OS - that has been developed by Nokia in collaboration with Microsoft.

Once its Windows phones are launched, Nokia would no more deal in Symbian OS Phones. Although the decision has come up as a surprise to many, as the Symbian OS is significantly  popular in Nokia phones and doing well all over the world, but it seems Nokia had a different sight in view for them to take this bold decision.

Another shocker came when Nokia announced that its new Nokia N9 wouldn't feature in Us & UK markets, as Nokia is now mainly trying to focus on its new OS - Windows OS - that it has developed in collaboration with Microsoft.

Nokia says that now it is going to adopt a market-to-market approach for different countries and then decide accordingly which phones to release in that market and which not to.

While these decisions come up as a shocker to many people across US & UK, only Nokia can answer so as to why these decision have been opted for. Perhaps, new market strategies.

Couldn't believe these weird market strategies from Nokia ? Share your opinions and reactions . We'll surely get back to ya'soon..!!

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