Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coming Soon | The First QNX Smartphones from BlackBerry

RIM to launch a new BlackBerry smartphone with an all new operating system - QNX.

Coming soon is the long-awaited smartphone from the makers of BlackBerry - the BlackBerry Colt which would feature the all-new BB Operating System - QNX - for the first time in any BB Smartphone.

Though RIM had announced earlier that its upcoming smartphones would feature this new OS, but to see the new launches with the old BlackBerry OS left many of us shocked. The QNX OS did not feature in any of the latest smartphones launched by RIM for the reasons best known to them.

But the wait is over and RIM is expected to launch its new smartphone - BB Colt soon. As already mentioned, the BB Colt would feature the all-new BB OS - QNX.

This smartphone would be somewhat similar to BB Bold and would feature a single core Processor which may be upgraded to a dual-core Processor before its launch.

The smartphone is expected to launch in Q1 of 2012. Nothing else is known about this phone.

Excited about the all-new Blackberry Colt with the all-new Blackberry OS - QNX ? So are we . Share your opinions and reactions . We'll surely get back to ya' soon..!!

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