Thursday, August 25, 2011

Now Available | Acer TravelMate 8481T Laptop

Acer unveiled it all new laptop - The 'lightweight' Acer TravelMate 8481T. To add to its huge range of laptops, this laptop from Acer comes loaded with an Intel Core i5 Processor along with a 14inch LCD display with a screen resolution of 1366x768.

With a frameless & bezel-trimming design, the laptop weighs an amazing 3.7 pounds and is just 0.87inch thick.

Other features that would come loaded in this laptop are 4GB DDR3 RAM (upgradable upto 8GB) and a 320GB SATA HDD with Wifi, Bluetooth and USB 3.0 connectivity options.

This laptop, apart from its revolutionary design, would deliver outstanding performance to its users as it would sport an all-day lasting battery life.

As seen from the above specifications, this laptop would offer a perfect blend of style, mobility along with a great manageability.

The laptop to hit the shelves in early 'September' and would cost around $1000.

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Coming Soon | Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V

Sony Ericsson announced the launch of it new smartphone to add to its Xperia range - The Xperia Neo V - which would hit the shelves by Q4 of this year. This all new smartphone is an improvement over its old version - Xperia Neo. It comes loaded with a 1GHz Snapdragon MSM8255 processor and Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 pre-installed on it.

Along with this it would feature a 3.7 inch LCD TFT display supported by Mobile Bravia Engine. It includes a 5MP Camera with auto-focus technology for high resolution pictures to be shot along with 720p HD video recording capability.

Some other features that would come packed in this smartphone are a HDMI-out connectivity option and a front-facing camera for making video calls.

The phone would feature a 'Human Curvature' design similar to what Xperia Neo had.

It would also have Sony Ericsson's version of Facebook installed on it and a Google Talk connectivity option as well.

The phone would come in 3 color variants - White, silver and blue.

Although the pricing of this smartphone is not known, but it is rumoured to hit shelves by Q4 of this year.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Coming Soon | 'Acer Iconia Smart' Phone.

Acer is soon going to launch its long-awaited 'Acer Iconia Smart' Phone in this coming September. 
The massive 'Acer Iconia Smart' phone is finally going to be launched getting postponed for nearly 5 months. Acer rather calls it's a "100 percent phone 100 percent tablet" which would feature a humongous 4.8 inch screen with an amazing resolution of 1024x480.

With a screen as large as this, the interface seems to be awesome and viewing pictures or videos would simply blow your mind away.

The phone comes loaded with a Snapdragon processor, Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and twin cameras with the body of the phone having a comfy feel to it.

When this phone finally hit the shelves, it would cost around $710.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Now Available | Samsung Galaxy R

Samsung launched its new smartphone - The Samsung Galaxy R - in US. Samsung has collaborated with NVIDIA to come out with this 'Mystery phone'. The all-new Samsung Galaxy R would features a Android 2.3 OS Gingerbread with Samsung's TouchWiz UI. It would be powered by a NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip.

Other specifications and features of this phone are listed below:

  1. Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS
  2. Samsung's TouchWiz UI
  3. Tegra 2 Processor (SoC)
  4. 4.2inch 800x480 resolution Super-clear LCD touchscreen.
  5. Dimensions : 125.7x66.7x9.55 mm
  6. Weight : 131 gm
  7. 720p video Recording
  8. 1080p video Playback
  9. 8GB of internal memory expandable upto 32GB
  10. High Res. Gaming
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Just In | Nokia unveils its future US & UK Market strategies

Nokia took 2 bold decisions stating that it would no more release its phone which run on the Symbian OS in US and the all-new Nokia N9 would not be released in US & UK. According to our sources, Nokia would now only be releasing its phones which would feature a new operating system - Windows OS - that has been developed by Nokia in collaboration with Microsoft.

Once its Windows phones are launched, Nokia would no more deal in Symbian OS Phones. Although the decision has come up as a surprise to many, as the Symbian OS is significantly  popular in Nokia phones and doing well all over the world, but it seems Nokia had a different sight in view for them to take this bold decision.

Another shocker came when Nokia announced that its new Nokia N9 wouldn't feature in Us & UK markets, as Nokia is now mainly trying to focus on its new OS - Windows OS - that it has developed in collaboration with Microsoft.

Nokia says that now it is going to adopt a market-to-market approach for different countries and then decide accordingly which phones to release in that market and which not to.

While these decisions come up as a shocker to many people across US & UK, only Nokia can answer so as to why these decision have been opted for. Perhaps, new market strategies.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Now Available | Dell Latitude XT3 convertible Tablet PC

In comes the new Dell Latitude XT3 convertible Tablet PC with a flexible display attached to its keyboard.

Confused whether to buy a laptop or a tablet for your next PC? Dell comes in with a solution to your problem.

Now no need to carry a dock with your tablet to convert it into a PC. The new Dell Latitude XT3 convertible Tablet PC which comes over this problem as it features a flexible swivel hinge which allows the display attached to the keyboard to be rotated.

Although it would make the gadget heavier, but for all those people who are sick of carrying a dock separately and plugging-it in to your tablet to convert it into a PC, it's an ideal choice.

Dell Latitude XT3 convertible Tablet PC comes loaded with some amazing features.
Take a look at the following list to know more:

  1. 13.3inch Capacitive HD LCD Touchscreen display with support for multiple-touch gestures.
  2. Intel Core Processor (i3/i5/i7).
  3. Windows 7 OS.
  4. Upto 8GB of RAM.
  5. 250/320GB HDD or 256GB SSD.
  6. Intel HD Graphics 3000.
  7. Pen input and touchpad for input.
  8. Optical drive and Fingerprint reader (optional).
  9. WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth.
  10. HDMI Output, Smartcard reader and memory card reader.
Dell Latitude XT3 convertible Tablet PC is now available in the market with prices starting from $2077.

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Now Available | The "I'm Watch"

The next-gen watch, "I'm Watch" is now available on Pre-orders. For all these who thought that a wearable tech isn't that much viable, surprise-surprise, the next gen watch - "I'm Watch" - is already becoming popular, so much so that an Italian Company "Blue Sky" is now taking pre-orders for this Android watch.

This watch would feature a 1.54 inch screen & Android OS 1.6. It comes with a Bluetooth connectivity. It provides many facilities to its users like they can answer calls, dump calls, see their e-mails, surf the net and send text messages.

Moreover, with a headphone jack you can now just connect headphones to your watch and enjoy your stuff on-the-go.

The price for this watch are likely to $350 US Dollars. However, if the demand for this product goes up, then many new high-end models may also come in with greater features and better looks not-to-mention with higher prices, may be ranging up to $14999 Euros.

The "I'm Watch" is already available on pre-order bookings and would hit the shelves by November this year.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coming Soon | The First QNX Smartphones from BlackBerry

RIM to launch a new BlackBerry smartphone with an all new operating system - QNX.

Coming soon is the long-awaited smartphone from the makers of BlackBerry - the BlackBerry Colt which would feature the all-new BB Operating System - QNX - for the first time in any BB Smartphone.

Though RIM had announced earlier that its upcoming smartphones would feature this new OS, but to see the new launches with the old BlackBerry OS left many of us shocked. The QNX OS did not feature in any of the latest smartphones launched by RIM for the reasons best known to them.

But the wait is over and RIM is expected to launch its new smartphone - BB Colt soon. As already mentioned, the BB Colt would feature the all-new BB OS - QNX.

This smartphone would be somewhat similar to BB Bold and would feature a single core Processor which may be upgraded to a dual-core Processor before its launch.

The smartphone is expected to launch in Q1 of 2012. Nothing else is known about this phone.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tips | The "Google+" World - 6 Simple Tips for the Beginners

Just landed up on the "Google+" and wondering where to start from!
Here are 6 tips for you to get going :

  1. The "Mute this post" Option : Liking a friend's post for fun and suddenly it becomes so popular that notifications get flooded into your account leaving you annoyed and wondering what to do.? Just click on "Mute this post" option and you'll stop receiving further notifications related to that post.
  2. The all-new "Keyboard Shortcuts" : With a whole lot of keyboard shortcuts included in Google+, it was never so easy to write your posts or comments.
  3. "Limited Sharing" with ease : Sharing your party pictures with a certain group but rather reluctant to make them available to some specific people in that? Fear not. Just click on the "limited" link on the top and see exactly with all those people are you sharing that post.
  4. "Tagging" people in your post : While Facebook used "@" symbol followed by the name of the person you want to tag in your post, Google+ uses a "+" symbol followed by the name of the specific person or just the initials with Google+ 'auto complete' option doing rest of the work for you. 
  5. The "Drag & Drop" Option : To add your pictures or videos browsing through your computer to attach a file is a thing of past. With Google+ just drag your pictures or videos directly into the share box and you're done.
  6. Keep you "Circles" Private : Remember hiding your friend list from your friends on your Facebook account. Similarly, in Google + choose whether you want others to know who all you have in your circles keeping your friends and their information absolutely 'sealed' with you.

Surely, with a new platform and a much more interactive userface, Google+ is going to offer stiff resistance to the most-used social networking site -Facebook.

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Review | Head-to-Head : Top 5 Smartphones in market

With a plethora of smartphones to select from, to get your perfect-one it may requires a long brainstorming session.

To overcome this problem, we have shortlisted 5 the best, top-of-the-line, smartphones currently available in market.

Here they follow :

1. Apple iPhone 4 :

Why buy this? : Arguably, the best smartphone in the world. With its launch, it has surely set new benchmarks for other companies who even dream of overturning Apple from its top position in the market. Along with being an "Apple" product, be it the stunning looks or be it its faster processor or be it anything, the phone is surely going to leave you mesmerized. To add to all this is a superb retina display, path-breaking features like FaceTime & iMovie , a high-resolution display, a brilliant camera and a longer battery life.

Our Rating : 4.5/5

2. Samsung Galaxy S II :

Why buy this? : The toughest competitor for the market-leading iPhone 4 is Samsung Galaxy S II. With an Android OS and a thin and feature light design this phone offers you the best-in-class performance. Be it a dazzling display or a longer battery life or a whole lot of new features being added-in, all add up to leave you with, perhaps, the second best smartphone available in the market.

Our Rating : 4.25/5

3. HTC Sensation :

Why but it? : Perhaps, a perfect alternative for Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S II. This phone is surely the a masterpiece from the makers of HTC which is giving a stiff competition to its competitors. It comes with an excellent UI, a faster (1.2GHz) processor, an amazing 8MP camera, a fantastic display and a remarkablely long battery life.

Our Rating : 4/5

4. HTC Desire S :

Why buy it? : Another great smartphone from the makers of HTC which offer value-for-money to its customers. Loaded with Android 2.3 and a uni body design, the phone, indeed, has an appealing look to it. Also with a faster proccesor, performance would never be an issue with this smartphone.

Our Rating : 3.5/5

5. LG Optimus 2X :

Why buy it? : It comes as a surprise package from the makers of LG. With its ultra-fast processor speed(1GHz Dual Core Processor), the user interface seems to be flaw-less. It also features a Brilliant display screen with a slick scrolling and zooming options and it has been flodded in with some other amazing features.

Our Rating : 3.5/5


So, these are the best 5 smartphones available in this never-before Indian market which is flooded with a huge range of smartphones to select from.

Still confused about which one to pick and which one to kick ? Share with us . We'll surely make it easier for you..!!

Coming Soon | Nokia 500

The new Nokia 500 is expected to launch in Q3 of this year. To add to its huge list of smartphones, here comes the Nokia 500. With being the first phone from the makers of Nokia to feature a 1GHz processor the phone is already making up a good hype in the market. Along with the new processor, the phone would also feature the latest Symbian OS - Symbian ANNA.

Nokia 500

Take a look at the features below :
  • Hardware : The phone features a 3.2 inch 640 x 360 resolution capacitive touchscreen display. A 5MP camera has also been embedded in to make you capture you never-to-forget moments which would be available without a LED flash. It also features Wifi, a 3.5mm Audio jack, a charging-enabled microUSB port and a microSD port for expanding the internal memory of 2GB upto 32GB. Along with this is runs on a ultra fast 1GHz processor which would help you to zip through your tasks and flawless working of the phone.
  • Software : The all-new Symbian ANNA offers refreshed user interface, a faster browser, new Ovi maps and split-screen messaging options. (*Symbian BELLE update would be available for all Nokia phones including this one by January 2012 in India)
Along with all these features, the Nokia 500 would also include swappable back panels in azure blue, purple, orange, dark silver, coral red and pink colors of which 2 would come loaded in Nokia 500 box.. The phone would also have a long-lasting battery life along with a power saving mode option, same as than in Nokia N8.

Although being flooded with features, the phone would surely not cause a hole in your pocket. It is likely to be priced around 150 Euros(Rs.9450) and is likely to hit the shelves in Q3 this year.!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Now Available | Jailbreak for iPhone OS (iOS) 4.3.5

In comes the Jailbreak for the latest iOS 4.3.5.

The much awaited Jailbreak for the latest iOS 4.3.5 has finally come up.

Listed below are the steps which would help you Jailbreak your iOS 4.3.5 :

  1. For you to Jailbreak, you must have the latest version of iTunes i.e. iTunes 10
  2. Now download iOS 4.3.5 on your iPhone or iPad.
  3. Now download Readsnow 0.9.8b4.
  4. After the downloading is completed, open Readsnow and browse to the 4.3.4 firmware file.
  5. Now download Cydia and hit next.
  6. Turn off your device.
  7. Plug it into your PC.
  8. Hit next and follow instructions until you reach DFU mode.
  9. Once you are in MFU mode, the Jailbreak would get operational automatically.
That's it buddy! 

You're done with the Jailbreaking of your iOS 4.3.5!

Having some problems in Jailbreaking your iOS ? Share with us . We'll surely help you..!!

Coming Soon | Apple iPhone 5

Apple Inc. is gearing up for its new launch - the Apple iPhone 5.

Rumors had it that the iPhone 5 may be launched anytime in September 2011 but according to latest rumors, the iPhone 5 may hit the shelves in October, sadly.

As the all-new Apple iPhone 5 has been flooded in with a whole lot of new features, the anticipation for getting one-of-these in the market is sky high.

As a result, Apple has already ordered 10 million Apple iPhone 5 in advance so as to deal with this huge demand.

So, coming to the features, the users of Apple iPhone 5 are really in for a treat.
The features are listed as below:

  • iOS 5 : This all-new iPhone OS would feature in the new iPhone which is expected to come with around 200 changes as compared to the old OS. It would include concept of direct manipulation along with multi touch gestures, new notifications system, news stand and iMessage.
  • iCloud : This feature would help in operating iTunes for wireless remote access of music from computers and mobile devices. It would also help store photos, calenders , documents and other useful data on the phone without actually storing it in phone's phone memory.
  • Designing : The phone would feature a teardrop design making the iPhone slimmer and lighter than its previous versions. Also the back cover would be of aluminium rather than of glass as in iPhone 4. It would have a 3.7-4.0 inch corner to corner display with  curved glass on its top which would offer more privacy in public areas to the users.
  • Camera : It would include a rear 8MP dual LED flash camera and a front camera which would support video calling. If rumors are to be believed, the rear 8MP camera would be a 3-D one which would capture images in 3-D and record 108p High resolution videos.
  • Hardware : The phone would feature a upgraded 1GB RAM along with a 1.2-1.5 GHz core A5 Processor which would make the phone work faster and make it more reliable. Along this, it comes with a embedded SIM design and other chip sets which would make phone thinner. It comes with 3memory options i.e. 16/32/64 GB.
To go with all these superb additions are some more like a fire-proof body, advanced gaming and wireless charging.

So, a slimmer-thinner-and surely, a better iPhone 5 is ready to people go crazy and would help Apple remain at No.1 position in smartphones sales across the globe!

Excited about the all-new Apple iPhone 5 ? So are we . Share your opinions and reactions . We'll surely get back to ya' soon..!!

Now Available | Latest RIM Launches - Blackberry Torch 9810 & 9850/9860

In comes 3 new smartphones from the makers of Blackberry.

Research in Motion comes up with 3 latest smartphones Blackberry Torch 9810, Blackberry Torch 9850 and Blackberry Torch 9860.

All 3 of these run on Blackberry OS 7.

The BB Torch 9810 features a 3.2 inch Touchscreen having a 640x480 pixels resolution. It comes with a slide out qwerty keypad which makes texting very simple. To add to this is a 5MP Camera which records 720p High resolution Videos, 1.2 GHz Processor, 786 mb RAM, 8 gb Internal memory which is expandable.

The BB Torch 9850 & BB Torch 9860 features a 3.7 inch full Touchscreen. This, in turn, is the biggest touchscreen in any BB. To add to this is a 5MP Camera which records 720p High resolution Videos, 1.2 GHz Processor, 786 mb RAM, 4 gb Internal memory which is expandable.

Apart from these, all these smartphones share some common features such as a faster browser, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, BB maps, BB messenger and 3G HSDPA.

While both BB Torch 9850 & BB Torch 9860 features same specifications apart from the fact that BB torch 9850 is a CMDA device and BB Torch 9860 is a GSM device.

All these phones are ready to hit the shelves by the end of this month. Surely, RIM can hope for a fantastic reception to these new smartphones.

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Just In | Nokia & Blackberry Sales - Going....Going....GONE....!!

Apple Inc. and Samsung Co. topped the list of global smartphone makers leaving behind Nokia Co. and Blackberry.

The stats showing sales for the top smartphone making companies saw the tables turning around for long-time top position holder Nokia. The total sales in Q2 saw a drastic increase in the units sold by companies like Samsung and Apple.

Samsung sold around 17.3 million smartphones in Q2 as compared to 10.8 millions in Q1 going from 4th to 2nd in the list of top smartphone sellers.

Apple, however, took the 1st position from Nokia as it sold 20.3 million phones in Q2 as compared to 18.7 million in Q1. With this fantastic growth it won't take longer for Apple to break Nokia's record sales of 28.1 million in a quarter.

As they say, someone's gain is someone's loss. The sales of Nokia phones went down considerably from 24.2 million in Q1 to 16.7 million in Q2.

Both Nokia and Blackberry are trying to find answers to this turn-around and trying to come up with something that would help them retain their earlier positions in the market.

The main cause of concern is the time to time launches from Samsung and the release of IPhone 4 from Apple that has attracted a whole lot of people towards itself.

So, Nokia and Blackberry better buck up to compete with these 2 giants otherwise the possibility of future sales of their smartphones increasing is minimal!

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Coming Soon | The Nokia N9

Everything's Just A Swipe Away.

The launch for the much awaited Nokia N9 is just round the corner.

For all those who have been eagerly waiting to get their hands onto this one wouldn't have to wait for long as the release of this masterpiece is just around 2 months away as the Nokia N9 would hit the shelves by 23rd Sept.2011 as notified on Nokia Swedish Official page.

As it says "Everything's Just A Swipe Away" - all you need to scroll around in this Nokia N9 - the button-less phone - is just SWIPE.

Be it a 3-way home screen or be it menu, the use of buttons is a thing of past! Now just swipe and scroll from home screen to menu or to anywhere in the phone.

Like all new smartphones offer - instant communication via Facebook or other social networking sites with their near and dear ones - so does Nokia N9. Connecting to your friends is just a touch away. With one of the fastest browsers ever, communication would never be a problem.

Moreover, if you are a person who belives in face-to-face interaction then he's another fantastic feature for you. With the new Maps go around any corner of the world without ever getting lost. 

Flooded in are some other amazing features such as the 8MP Carl Zeiss Optics - which is the fastest camera on any phone by Nokia , the Dolby headsets which offer a rich and powerful sound which would never let you down.

Apart from these features the stunning looks of the phone is surely going to make heads-turn-around with you having one in your hand. This masterpiece comes with a 3.9 inch AMOLED display with curved glasses and no buttons leaving you stunned! With the use of best-in-class poly carbonate material the phone shines and gives a real-life experience while using the phone.

So, this newbie which would be on the blocks soon is surely going to take Nokia's brand image to higher levels and its customers truly satisfied.

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Review | A Closer Look At The New Symbian OS - Symbian ANNA

In comes the new Symbian OS by Nokia - Symbian ANNA aka PR2.

It comes as an update to its previous version Symbian OS version 3.

The new OS by Nokia has been flooded with new features such as faster browser, the much needed-new and refreshed icons,improved text input methods and new Ovi maps .

Although it comes preloaded on Nokia's new phones like X7 and E6 but the users of Nokia N8, C6-01, C7 and E7 can get their phones updated from Symbian Version 3 to Symbian ANNA.

Symbian ANNA brings a whole lot of new features into new Nokia phones like:

1.Faster Browser : Gone is the old browser which looked old-age. Now zip through web pages with greater ease with the new browser having a portrait qwerty keypad, an always visible go-back button, faster page loading and an extended toolbar.

2.Better interface : The new interface comes with a face-lift. The new and refreshed icons add a lot of life to the interface as compared to the old one. Even the photo gallery operations have been improved to make it more interesting.

3.Ovi maps and Ovi store : Now share places with your friends with more ease. Faster loading maps comes in handy along with the new Ovi store which brings in a spell-checker, faster search operations and auto-complete features.

With so many features being flooded in , for sure, Nokia's new OS is in for a great welcome by its long-trusted customers.

Excited about the all-new Symbian OS - Symbian ANNA ? So are we . Share your opinions and reactions . We'll surely get back to ya' soon..!!