Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just In | Android 'Jelly Beans' to follow 'Ice Cream Sandwich'

With Android 'Ice Cream Sandwich' still waiting in the wings to be released, rumors have it that the next Android version would be called 'Jelly Beans'.

Although, there was a very little we knew about the Android 'Ice Cream Sandwich', rumors have it that the next version of the Android would be called as Android 'Jelly Beans'

If sources are to be believed, the Jelly Beans version of Android would serve as an improvement over the Ice Cream Sandwich, which itself served as an OS for both tablets and smartphones.

Android ICS made its first appearance at the Google I/O Conference back in May this year when it was officially announced to be launched. Later, Google's Eric Schmidt came up with a statement stating that the Android ICS would release inside 2011, in October or November, to be specific.

Nothing yet is known about the release of Android Jelly Beans but, surely, it would be quite a way off. With Android 'Ice Cream Sandwich' still waiting in the wings to be released, Android next version 'Jelly Beans' has already been lined up and surely Google has 2 'game-changers' on its hand that would surely take its Android Market to new levels of success.

So, after an I for 'Ice Cream Sandwich' followed by a J for 'Jelly Beans', is Google planning for a 'K'-for name for the next version of Android? Who knows!

Interested in knowing more about the Android 'Ice Cream Sandwich'Share your opinions and reactions . We'll surely get back to ya' soon..!!

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